Come on you guys let's get some film thread going

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Come on you guys let's get some film thread going

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Let's talk about films. Hurry up. Come on. Thanks.
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Anybody seen Grandma's Boy? Now that's good cinema.
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yes that is the shit. or just shit.
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Talladega Nights. I almost shit myself. It's nice to see some good satire from the States.
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fast food nation is a film and a book

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okay, film story from me, this is a long story for mark on a day when is off the pumpkin juice

i like documentaries

my students are now in the folklore unit in school. this unit is perhaps my favorite. if not it's second only to the mass media unit. actually, the mass media is my favorite, i get to stick it to the man the best in that unit, but folklore, i've actually gotten quite good at sticking it to him in that unit as well :)

so last week i introduced the unit, and i like to introduce it with urban legends b/c the kids have all seen those flicks, and they love to discuss gross things. (this is also why i <3 roman dirge). i begin with a story from a book called southern fried rat about hamburgers made from worm meat. then i read a story from fast food nation about hamburgers made with kid killing e-coli. (both of the stories actually explain that the government and the fast food companies -- everybody remember jack n the box's bad beef? now who remembers McDonald's -- did anyone remember that? that's because McDonald's denied the public that information, the information that food from several of their localities was contaminated by E-coli-- they know these things and sweep it under the rug) the kids have to decide which story is truth and which is urban legend.

they have a hard time. they hope that both are urban legends. it is a great way to illustrate that most folktales actually represent some little bit of truth b/c ordinary folks use them to try to explain something that they've observed and can't explain, like people getting sick because of their diets.

i have a hard time reading the book too. when i read to the hubby about a farmer who farms the right way, the conservationist way, and then kills himself because big agro-business puts him out of business, i cried, i too wanted to believe it is not true that our demands have created these problems, but they have. so . . .

today in town i saw that fast food nation has been made into a movie.

i smiled a big smile and said, fuck the McMan. :)