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Has anyone seen this film Network? It was released in '76 and has Faye Dunaway in it, won 4 Academy Awards. I saw it this past week, was really amazed and saddened/scared because it seems like it should belong to our times rather than being released 30 years ago. It makes a statement about the death of American democracy due to corporations owning television networks and controlling what is shown. Most people only get their news from television, but television is just designed to give the viewer whatever is going to make them watch, it's just a fanatasy world.

In any case, this is a fantastic film, one of the best I've ever seen. I expected it to be funny (I think it's considered a comedy) and it was in spots, but the end result is so serious.

Another interesting thing about it is when people start yelling out their windows "I'm mad! And I'm not going to take this anymore!" the whole speech by the guy that makes them do this reminds me of punk rock (this was 1976 after all). He says "we'll figure out what to do about all this but first, you gotta get mad!" All of a sudden I understood that this mood that historians always say was present in the public experience when punk rock started was actually there and it wasn't just a UK phenomenon, either.