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Soggy South

Post by bfj » Thu Sep 01, 2005 10:48 pm

finally watched some tv tonight and got hooked on three hours of hurricane coverage. it's alway terrible to watch that kind of stuff. media exploitation of tragedy and tragedy itself. but as sensational as coverage gets, it is useful here. 9/11 we had the images of the plane and the towers going down. you can understand that. but this kind of flooding and widespread destuction is a bit harder to grasp.

i looked out my window at manhatten and thought about the streets of nyc with 20 feet of water. pretty unthinkable. the whole scene looks like some throwback to something biblical. People wandering around, in search of food, anything. I think it's going to get pretty ugly unless the military can get these people out this weekend. Most of the people there are black and poor and pissed off. Easy to feel like no one gives a shit about you when your starving on the side of a highway.

Bush said looters should be dealt with ruthlessly, but marshall faulk (nfl running back) summed it up better when he said you can't call it looting if you're starving and there is food inside of a store.

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What a mess

Post by Tom » Sat Sep 03, 2005 1:49 pm

Pape-Sorry I could not make it or call you about last night.

Am busy with the New Orleans relief stuff.....anyway-if anyone has family there that would like to fly back to NY let me know asap. Can get them out all this month. Would have to get to the Baton Rouge airport

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