The Stooges

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The Stooges

Post by marky » Sat Aug 19, 2006 6:05 am

We've done this before, but Sloth has fixed it so I can't bring threads over here from Sex Drugs & Rock and Roll. So be it.

When you know this album, you know the very pinnacle of rock and roll. There may be a few things to match it, but nothing will ever surpass it. Ever. It was from 1970.

Yeah, listen to that song "Dirt" and tell me that isn't the most compelling, timeless piece of rock and roll you've ever known. Go ahead.

This is where it all started. Before punk rock. Before much of anything besides Velvet Underground. Even this guy called Gimarc wrote a book called "Punk Diary" and somewhat surprisingly, he started the book in 1970 only because this album came out in that year!

It was part of the fundamental seeds for all the delicious punk and post-punk delicacies that would finally grow 10 years later...

In short, a classic: