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Post by aRc » Wed Aug 03, 2005 5:27 am

I cant remember how exactly I stumbled upon this site, it's seriously a mystery to me. I was stoned out of my head and at the end of a nights attempts to get something down, its always in the dead hours that I work best.
I really couldnt believe what I had miandered into. I live in a city and country where everything I do is criticised, is taboo.
My beliefs and ideals dont fit into the norm, and as such Im quite literally beaten down for them.
University for me is more like taking a trade, they dont offer arts here. You cant simply learn for the sake of knowledge, no matter how hungry for it you are. You have to follow a set route and work for the job at the end of it. University here is filled with Military apprentices dong Engineering and higher society rich kids practicing Medecine in their cliques.
In all seriousness the world felt like it was devoid of anything but commercial bullshit and paths to mediocrity.
Then I read your art McCutcheon, as well as the other submissions, I read the posts, and found these people that held the same things to be paramount.
People like Jason are the exact reason why the this site and what it embodies is so important. For every dozen or so of them there will be someone like me who finds something that literally changes the way they percieve the world around them. Dont let ignorance taint that. Its too important.

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Post by mccutcheon » Wed Aug 03, 2005 11:02 pm

Thank you. Glad Pax could help in the smallest way. Stay strong Down Under.

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Post by Myke115 » Sun Aug 07, 2005 3:52 am


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Post by megapulse » Tue Aug 15, 2006 2:39 pm

sometimes when i'm bored and there is nothing really new here i will go back and read old things i missed. and god how my life was missing the cucumber slut.

i like the edit:

"sweaty dirty drill..."

but the title is cucumber slut -- it really needs to be

"sweet dirty dill."

there is another implication with the word dill . . . i think you can guess it :)

i'll critique the rest, although i don't think jason and leela want my opinion, anywho

i don't really understand the poem. there are many reasons why. here are some:

why is it a dirty skill -- if it's fucking you clean?

how did the pussy go from unshaven to shaven with only the use of a cucumber and soap, is it like cucumber melon soap nair?

the voice seems to change from that of a cucumber: "and i fall splattered in salt spindles/ cucumber mother, leaking water where/you fucked me"
to that of a human:
"you fucked me clean/soap shaven/wide open, fringed with your breath/ on my pussy"

the word cu-cum-ber has a great sexual sound all on its own. i would start by just titling the poem cuCUMber. i mean it's there already.

words are fun. i see no reason why jason and leela can't come have fun here with their poems. :)

perhaps jason or leela will explain the poem now. or edit it. perhaps not.

mc, why didn't you critique the poem? that's what the folks asked for.

of course the poem is good enough for any website, wtf, no one here is the poetry police.

where do these folks go? why don't they post regularly?