guster, my new guys

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guster, my new guys

Post by megapulse » Tue Jun 20, 2006 6:34 pm

i've always thought guster was just decent enough to listen to but not really great enough to go see in concert.

boy was i wrong, for all the wrong reasons.

now i'm getting right, for the right reason (their tour bus) :):

the Mar. 29 event is not just an ordinary rock concert.

It is part of a series of Guster concerts all across the US called the Campus Consciousness Tour.

"The Campus Consciousness Tour's aim is to educate, inspire and activate students, and above all, leave a positive impact on each community and college or university that the tour reaches," according to

One of the aims of the band is to have a high musical impact and a low environmental one.

Through a partnership with NativeEnergy, a wind-power advocacy group, the band will offset fossil-fuel power used during the UPS concert by sponsoring the building of new wind turbines.

The tour bus that the band is using during this tour runs entirely on biodiesel.

This concert will be about more than just the music.

Starting at noon on Mar. 29 in the Rotunda, there will be a roundtable discussion about local environmental issues. A representative from Guster may participate.

Every concert on the tour brings with it an "eco-village" sponsored by Project Reverb,

At the UPS concert, an eco-friendly van will be parked right outside of the SUB or Fieldhouse and will give away all sorts of goodies.

A Cliff & Luna Bar Consciousness Pavilion will be set up as a place to learn about renewable energy and alternative fuels. Get involved in a local service-learning project and offset personal energy use by buying a wind power Cool Tag?.

Buying a tag is essentially a donation toward subsidizing a new wind turbine.

It's a way that concert-goers can balance out their own fossil fuel energy use.