NFL Playoffs

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Tommy Martyn
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NFL Playoffs

Post by Tommy Martyn »

Ask me who has got a ticket for Sunday? First playoff game for 15 years in this town. More than likely the last one for the bengals this year though.
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Post by Myke115 »

I'm just hoping the carolina panthers can kick the chicago bears arses ... if they don't go any further .. at least let them beat the bears. I hate the bears.
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Post by megapulse »

i have no internet etiquette. just ignore that and forgive me, this has absolutely nothing to do with sports or football, well sort of but not really.

okay, so myke, i was at your website. and trying to post to you about "two" about tennis shoes, and i got accused of spamming and then got the fuck off finger and kicked off. weird. why did that happen.

i think i've become the world's worst internet discusser.