I hate the fuckin' telly, I love cable. ffffffffuck

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I hate the fuckin' telly, I love cable. ffffffffuck

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I've never had cable in my life. and if you want to be a writer my advice is to give up the idiot box and all video playing games. But what the fuck fuck. Monday Night Football is moving to cable? Shit in a shoe. Ya knoiw that Dr. HST was working for ESPN and maybe he knew of this move and that is the reason he blew his brains out. Maybe? I've heard of worse consipricy theories in my time. This was written in Pete Tong time so mind the misadventures. Plus I saw the most beautiful girl in the world for an afternoon today. I saw her last year as well and she is with the same cunt, and she looks a little worse. I think she should handg with me so she can go full blown bonkers.

Monday Night Football' Moving to ESPN

20 minutes ago

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By DAVE GOLDBERG, AP Football Writer

NEW YORK - The NFL's "Monday Night Football," a hallmark of television sports programming since the days of Howard Cosell, is leaving ABC after 35 years for ESPN starting with the 2006 season.

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The NFL's new broadcast deal also brings football back to NBC for the first time in six years. NBC will take over the Sunday night games previously broadcast on ESPN, and plans to use a flexible scheduling model that ensures meaningful games will played in that slot late in the season.

The Monday night move to basic cable, which includes an earlier start time of 8:40 p.m. eastern, is expected to cost ESPN $1.1 billion over eight years, two sources familiar with the deals told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

NBC will get the Sunday night package for $600 million over six years, according to the sources. The network will also get the Super Bowl in 2009 and 2012 as part of the deal, one of the sources said.

The NFL will continue to show all cable games on free, over-the air television in home markets. That means that local stations will carry ESPN's Monday night games in the cities of the teams involved.

The moves leave ABC — which reshaped sports broadcasting by turning football into a prime-time ratings draw with the advent of "Monday Night Football" in 1970 — as the only major network without NFL football.

ABC and ESPN are both subsidiaries of The Walt Disney Co. The deal with ESPN, which currently carries games every Sunday night and sometimes on Thursday, was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

"A great deal with the NFL is the best deal you can get in television," said NBC sports chairman Dick Ebersol. He said the network hasn't started working on finding anchors for the Sunday night broadcast.

"We're celebrating for a day," Ebersol said. "Then I'm sure we'll get a lot of calls."

Last month, NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue said during the NFL meetings in Hawaii that the Monday night move was a strong possibility. ABC, which has been losing money on the package despite high ratings, had been balking at the NFL's asking price.

NBC has been struggling in prime-time this season, and even risks an unprecedented fall into fourth place in the ratings. ABC's newfound ratings strength with "Desperate Housewives" on Sunday nights has been particularly damaging.

NBC will devote its entire Sunday night prime-time lineup to the NFL. The Sunday night games will start at 8:15 p.m. eastern and include flexible scheduling for the final seven weeks of the season, details of which will be developed by the league.

That issue has become more pressing since parity caused by the salary cap has resulted in teams moving up and down the standings annually, leaving bad teams that were strong the previous season in prime time and good teams that were bad the past season off of it.

CBS and Fox already have agreed to pay a total of $8 billion over six years for the rights to Sunday afternoon games.

The NFL is still considering an eight game late-season package of Thursday and Saturday night games on cable and satellite. Tagliabue has said the NFL's own new network could show some or all of those games.
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off topic I know but

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Went to the reds game tonight. It really was the best of baseball. I had been given two $16 tickets and they happened to be directly behind home plate. A long way up in the air, yes. My friend and I parked in the executive parking directly below the stadium. How did we do this on cheap tickets? My chum held up a yellow slip of paper when we approached the parking pass only car park. The cop waved us in. We got to the booth and my friend admitted that we didn't have a pass. The guy in the booth was happy to take the bribe.

The game. The reds went four down in the first and finished the second down five to one. They clawed their way back and saw off the Cubs seven to six. Top night all round. Today it was 80 degrees in Cincy and there was no humidity. Baseball can't get much better outside of the playoffs.