Tennis is back on, just not in my house

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Tennis is back on, just not in my house

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The 1st grand slam of the season is under way , um, down under, and I haven't seen a fuckin' match. I need to get cable tv. But I hate tv. I want a sports tv (and of course my chicks for free)

I played a few matches down in Cali when I was there and went undefeated! I even beat someone from Orange County who gets to play all year around. I can't afford to play indoors in the City, so of course I was out of tennis shape and rusty. I can't wait to start playing at the East River Parks again or in Williamsburg. If there are any new readers to the Pax, and you live in NYC and you play tennis give me an eamil. I'm always up for it.
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check the facts fuck face

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I know for a fuckin' fact I was logged in when I posted.