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Tommy Martyn

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As some of you are aware there is an aging rugby league player called Tommy Martyn. He is alive and well and living in the North of England. On Saturday last he played his final competitive game of rugby. During his career he more or less acheived everything with the mighty St Helens. As he got older he left the top flight and returned to his hometown of Leigh to become assistant coach/player. A short while ago it was feared that his final season would be cut short by serious injury. Not so. After a lengthy lay off he turned out for Leigh and was MVP in the play off game that saw them return to the top league for the first time in many years.

As he was leaving the field a journalist asked him wouldn't the chance for one more stab at glory entice him out of retirement. Tommy Replied, " I'm going to throw these boots into the stand and if anybody throws them back, they'll get a punch in the beak."

Ladies and gentlemen. My hero. Tommy Martyn. Tommy Martyn. Tommy Martyn.

On days like these you realise how far away from home you really are.
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Good one, God on you and yours.