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Finally *I* get to post a thread to this section. Travelling! How have I missed thee! I haven't had a decent episode of travelling since early 2001. And even that doesn't count because I had a bad time and came home early.

So I'm in San Diego now. I'm in the middle of a lot of strip malls, but everything is very convenient. There are liquor and porn stores within walking distance. There's even a large building across from my hotel which says "Larry Flynt's HUSTLER" on it. Heheh. I assume there must be strippers inside because can't just be a porn store, that one. There's even a modest, small used CD shop down the road, which I'm going to check out because it so happens that the two things I want right now should be relatively easy to find.

The Who concert is tomorrow night. Supposedly the Pretenders are opening, (or SUPPORTING as the Brits say) but I'll believe that when I see it. For the moment I've had a bottle of Pinot Noir. The hotel is friendly and better than other hotels I've been in in the past, though certainly I didn't pay lots of money to stay here.

My birthday is Friday and Pixie sent me this track by the Tossers as a b-day present that sounds almost exactly like the Pogues. I was well chuffed about that! I thought that was fantastic. Thanks Pixie!

In other news, my new issue of Mojo magazine tells me Happy Mondays are definitely doing the reunion thing, they have a new album in the can and are label shopping. 2007 is truly the year of fucking reunions. Even Van Halen are reuniting with David Lee Roth if you can believe that. I'm not a big fan of them, but they are okay and in any case it's a crazy idea. The new Stooges album sucks but I already said that.

And I need to go get more alcohol. See you later.